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General Hardware discussion (Desktop)

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    I recently tried upgrading my RAM to the full 32 GB capacity.

    When i did this my PC would randomly crash with a power failure - not a BSD - a power failure.

    This leads me to believe that either my PSU is failing or my Motherboard is failing. Most likey the PSU IMHO.

    So, if i wanted to upgrade the PSU for a future/potential graphics card upgrade what watt PSU can i put in here?

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    A couple of weeks ago, my Dell E510 started shutting off randomly. After it would shut off, the front would start flashing a yellow light, but the computer could be turned back on by holding down the power button and pressing it again. About two weeks later, this solution stopped working, and the pc would always show a blinking amber light, regardless of any attempts to turn it back on .

    After several days of researching the problem, I found out that it could be a power supply. I ordered the exact same PSU that was previously in my pc, and installed it. To my surprise, it worked! Sadly, after 20 minutes of use, it shut off and I am now unable to get it to turn on again.

    I have cleaned the entire case, and there are no corroded or leaking pins or caps on the motherboard. I just recently replaced the CMOS battery, so I don't think that is the culprit. I have tried fiddling with the wattage switch on the back of the case, but that didn't seem to do anything for me. I also tried resetting the CMOS memory by using the 2-pin jumper plug. Nothing seems to be working.

    Is this a motherboard problem, or something else?

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    I'm trying to help my friend's kid put his Inspiron 660s components into a new case (NXT Guardian 921), and need the pinout of the Power Button Connector (LEDH1) on the motherboard. Unfortunately I do not have the old 660s case at the moment to try and trace out the old wires. I have been able to successfully find a set of pins that works for the Power Switch, but cannot figure out which ones are for the HDD LED and the Reset Switch on the NXT case.

    I also have a multimeter, but not sure what voltages I should be checking for, or if jumpers are used on the Dell pigtail connector.


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    When I connect a console game to HDMI-in port of Inspiron 24 5459, no response from Windows. How can I change the screen to display HDMI-in port.


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    we have already faced to an issue that a few months ago we want to start the dell 9020 PC we saw that the power button continuously flashing the amber orange light means (flash....flash..................flash) by duration. we tried the supply change main board maintenance etc. but in-van. now we create a solution that i m going to share with all world which are facing the same issue,


    i m going to practically done in a video and you can find on youtube with a name of (dell optiplex 9020 amber light power problem)

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    I have a concern / problem  with Dell RACK workstation R7610 and R7910. 

    I am using the Windows 7 32bit OS on these system which are installed with 8GB physical memory.

    Even if the system has 8GB system memory the Win 7 32bit OS will reports lesser than the 3GB (i.e.) 1.91Gb only.

    I understand that 32bit OS can’t go beyond 4GB and at the max it may report 3.6GB but in these systems it is not even reporting 3GB which is really concerning a lot for them.


    It looks Dell has published some sort of on these for T7610 notification but I couldn’t find any such stuff for R7610 & R7910.


    Is there anyway can we get these system reports 3GB memory on Win 7 32bit OS?



    R7910 RAID


    BIOS 1.4.3

    Advanced ECC

    Win 7 x86


    R7910 Non RAID

    NVS310 (1GB)

    BIOS 1.4.3

    Advanced ECC

    Win 7 x86


    R7610 RAID

    NVS310 (512MB)



    Win 7 x86



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    just had delivered but cannot get the real sense 3d camera to work. In particular cannot activate Windows Hello for logon.

    Just cannot find any information on here at all. Some applications reporting that its not installed at all but cannot find any driver information on this site.

    Any help?


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    Everything was working fine until yesterday but now my Dell computer won't turn on. In case it helps, we have Windows 7 professional installed, hardware Intel Core TM i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHZ, 4GB RAM, 64-bit OS.

    I tried unplugging everything, plugging power cable back in and holding power button for 20 seconds but no luck.


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  • 04/28/16--07:46: 7459 AIO
  • Hi Community

    I have been offered a 7459 AIO to replace a problematic 2350 AIO. I have read comments on the Dell site that are not favourable.

    Does anyone have comments good or bad to enable me to make a decision on repair of the 2350 or take on a new 7459.



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  • 04/28/16--07:51: Port test failure
  • Seven of the 10 USB ports on my XPS 8500 are dead.  I have Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit.

    I ran the Dell diagnostics on my USB ports and got a failed message with the error code WUS11-39B. 

    What is the fix for this?

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    Hi guys,

    I've had my Dell Inspiron 660 since late 2012. Really happy with it. This model has the big casing, with i5 3330 and 8GB RAM.

    I've never altered components or over clocked anything. I only switched out the OEM GT620 in 2014 for a GTX 750. No issues with my PC whatsoever.

    My question is simple. I'm looking to upgrade my GPU, and need a PSU upgrade as such. Will there be any issues if I were to upgrade my PSU with an EVGA B1 600W, and get the GTX 960 with it?

    Do I need to drill holes for the PSU, make adjustments, update BIOS settings etc? Is it as simple and taking out and putting the new PSU in, or must I do some other stuff as well?

    Thanks! Appreciate any and all responses.

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    I have a Windows 7 computer and have just bought a new one with Windows 10 and wish to transfer files and apps to the new machine. I have both the Dell Cable EasyTransfer and also TransferMyPC10. Which one should I use?

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  • 04/28/16--12:27: Two dell computers
  • Hi. Long time reader. I had a inspiron 530 and upgraded the processor to the highest one I could get. Reading from this site. Also I found out that I cannot upgrade the ram to more than 4gb.

    My 530 finally died. It ran windows 10 64bit very will with the 2.6 or 2.9ghz processor and 4gb of ram. I wish it was a little bit faster for what I do on a computer.

    Anyways, I got a dell dimension e510 for cheap. What are the max parts i can upgrade in this thing?  Mostly interested in the processor and RAM I can look up on crucial. But this thing only has 2 sata ports. My 530 had 4. Is there a way to get more of those in this thing?

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    All three towers (Optiplex 780, 390, Inspiron 620) need according to driver detect, Intel ME5 Host Embedded Controller Interface Driver. Numerous attempts to install and they say success until I check again!  Is there a proper procedure to install? Or can it be ignored?


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  • 04/28/16--22:20: Random Restarts
  • XPS 8700   Every few hours the computer will shut down automatically and restart.  No error messages, no BSD, nothing to work with.  I believe all my drivers are up to date.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    XPS 8700

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  • 04/28/16--23:11: Computers a Recreation
  • Well, I ended up getting a Core 2 Duo.  It's an OptiPlex.  I never had so much of a time till I got it.  The Dimension I had was awesome.  I do the same sort of thing.  The chip on this one sits diagonal.  So, It's like there is room to grow.  Kind of funny.  Does anyone know why the F8 boot option doesn't work on mine?  I tried to RECOVER that way.  Worked before. Went to F1, finally Delete.  I'm not really caring too much to know, just kind of know already.

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  • 04/28/16--23:24: Optiplex GX280 Dosn't start
  • I have this optiplex GX280,(detected by serial number 5Y9CJ1J) DT computer. It will not statup at all. Well i get power light on mainboard and then I turn it on it just start the fan on the processor. Is it more likely the processor or mainboard that has been killed?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi All,

    I need help in restoring my computer to the original factory image and need some guidance for the matter. The problem is; that couple of weeks ago, I accidently lost the recovery partitions while fiddling with DISKPART command. Now, I somehow managed to recover all the data of the recovery partitions including the WINRETOOLS drive and Dell factory image partition drive which has the .SWM files in it. The problem is; now that I have all the data available in another drive, I am unable to deploy it on the computer and restore it to original.

    Appreciate if anyone could give me a details step-by-step method to do this or refer me to some article so that I can get out this problem. By the way my PC is a Inspiron One 2330.

    Look forward to a quick and easy solution here.

    thanks in advance.


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    I have a Dell Studio 540s desktop purchased in 2008 which originally had Windows Vista, 32-bit OS factory installed.  I have since upgraded to Windows 7, 32-bit and when I recently attempted to update the BIOS after an error prompt, I found that Dell only provides updated drivers for Windows 7, 64-bit OS.  Is there any way of updating my BIOS, the last version being 2009?  

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    Sometimes my PC hanged and I cannot do anything on my desktop.

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